Buffalo & Rye


Working and living close by to the UK’s second city has its ups and downs especially when most mornings I find myself battling with heavy traffic and more recently numerous diversion signs on my 10 mile commute.

Birmingham is going through a huge transformation and although my commute can be frustrating its only a matter of time til the city has its own identity and is no longer dubbed as the uglier, uninspiring funny-accented sister of London.

To my delight the city’s transformation has bought with it a surge of great independent eateries one of which I tried this lunchtime with my fellow work colleagues.  Buffalo & Rye describes itself as a ‘taste of Americana’ and specialises in ‘dirty burgers’, ‘gourmet dogs’ and house smoked meats – I was sold and couldn’t wait to try it out on it’s second day of opening.


Buffalo & Rye


Star Wars Figures as wall decor


Very cool table sauce storage


My burger wrapped up


My Chicken Buttermilk Burger

In short, my burger was awesome.  The bun was toasted to perfection, the chicken was crispy without being oily and had a lovely succulent texture and the salad was fresh and crunchy, my only real issue was with the distinct lack of flavour from the Cajun fries side order – they were powdery and bland.  However, I could easily substitute the fries with a milkshake next time I go – I avoided the shake as I was too afraid of falling into a food coma at work.