Recent Purchases

I have recently become a home-owner and finally made that transition from thinking I was an adult to actually being one, so in an attempt to be more frugal I have been purchasing items which I feel have been more of a necessity over the past few months, please note that my definition of the word ‘necessity’ can change on a regular basis (there’s being frugal and being happy, and I will always choose the latter).

Having fallen in love with Anastasia’s Dip Brow Pomade for the past 4 months, I was eager to try the recently launched Brow Definer pencil.  I wanted something that would be quicker to apply then dip brow but could also be used alongside it to create those extra defined and slightly more dramatic brows. Initially, I was a little sceptical and this was mainly due to the application of the angled pencil, it’s take a little getting used and doesn’t have as much precision as dip brow applied with a brow brush, but after a week or so of practising I was soon getting into the swing of things and can safely say that this will probably be my make-up bag staple.  If like me, you prefer a more natural brow using your natural brow shape then I would suggest going a shade lighter with the Brow Definer, depending on the amount of pressure you apply I have found that sometimes my brows are ever so slightly darker then what I would prefer.  Anastasia also released a Brow Wiz pencil that compliments the definer which I am eager to try, especially as I have read that they are the perfect pairing – watch this space.


Admittedly, at a bargain price of just £5.25 I bought this on a bit of a whim while searching for an everyday primer suitable for my blemish prone, sensitive and oily skin.  Having recently fallen out of love with Benefit’s Porefection mainly because of its silica texture I wanted something lighter that made my skin feel hydrated.  Overall, the product is definitely hydrating and suitable for my skin type but its job as a primer is somewhat limited, it creates a moisturised base but doesn’t make foundation last any longer nor does it create that flawless base that you’d normally expect from a primer.



Garnier 2in1 Makeup Remover

As part of my evening skincare routine, I like to have that squeaky clean feeling, especially after wearing makeup all day.  I was looking for something that would be gentle enough to leave my skin feeling clean whilst also removing every bit of makeup left before I cleansed, and moisturised.  Garnier’s offering definitely removed every trace of makeup and didn’t dry my skin out, the oily base left me feeling  bit nervous in case I had any breakouts but overall I cannot fault it, it does exactly what it says and is perfect for my sensitive skin and at a bargain price of £2.59 I will definitely be repurchasing.