A Quick Charlotte Tillbury Discovery

A few months ago I decided that I was in need of some retail therapy and found myself browsing the make-up counters of Selfridges.  I love makeup but I am also incredibly loyal to the brands that I have used for years, which in turn means that I don’t explore different brands as much as I should.  I was drawn to the Charlotte Tilbury counter mainly because the counter was big, round and shiny – you’d never knew I worked in marketing!

After exploring different shades of lipstick, bronzers and blushers, I was approached by an eager assistant who couldn’t wait to show me the Brow Lift pencil.  Having never been a huge fan of eyebrow makeup I have to admit I was really impressed.  – the pencil tip has an angle that makes application easy (even for beginners like me) and comes with a brush and shade tool.  My eyebrows have never looked so good.  Seriously, its perfect and creates such a difference.

pp_eyebrow_lft_brooke_main pp_eyebrow_lift_brooke_alt_1_middle



2015 for me

Having finished my first week of work in January 2015, Christmas now feels like a distant memory.  So far 2015 has been good, my second Monday hasn’t been bad at all even if it is cold, wet and gloomy outside. In an attempt to make the most out of this year I wanted to set myself some achievable objectives.  I have purposely not used the word ‘resolutions’ here, I think it’s completely over-rated and most of the time a resolution just sets you up for a fall.

I decided to compile a list of behaviours I wish to continue and achieve for this year, so even if I manage to tick off 3 on this list then I’ll be a happy bunny come NYE 2016.

  • Continue my morning gym workouts – for the past 6 months I switched my evening gym routine to early morning gym classes.  This has been quite a change for me especially as I am far from being a morning person and tend to value my sleep much more than the average person.  The thought of getting up early to exercise used to fill me with dread, however, it feels great to drive to work post exercise and means that I have my evenings free.
  • Watch at least another box set – last year I watched Breaking Bad and loved it, so after suffering withdrawal symptoms am now hooked on The Sopranos.  I don’t really watch TV and so box sets are a perfect escapism for me in the evening (especially if i keep up with my morning gym routine).
  • Try new recipe’s  after getting married I think my inner housewife came into fruition and I started exploring different recipes and foods, so every month I aim to try or master a new dish.  If successful, I shall blog about my creations.
  • Keep blogging – I know this seems kind of obvious but I do want to keep up blogging regularly which at times can be tricky.
  • Curb my impulse purchases   I’m a sucker for impulse buying whether it be for food, clothes, make-up or bags (the list can go on and on), in a pledge to save more and be more grown up about spending I would love to curb my impromptu spending, notice the use of the word ‘curb’ and not ‘stop’!
  • Drink more water Again another obvious one but something I should be doing more of considering that water keeps you slim, improves skin and hair, makes you feel so much better off and is of course essential.




Festive London

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Central London for no other reason then to absorb the Christmas spirit.  Having lived a  1.5 hour train journey away from the big smoke for pretty much all my life, I never seemed found the time to visit during Christmas time.  Me together, with the hubby, spent 5 days roaming around Chelsea, Bankside, Covent Garden, Kensington, and Shoreditch.

As both of us are huge foodies we packed in a lot of amazing eats as well as frequenting markets, art galleries, shops and plenty of mulled wine along the way.


Harrods Christmas Shop


My favourite french macarons – Laduree at Harrods. My husband kindly modelling our purchase.


On our way to Saatchi Gallery along a tree lined square.


Liberty of London Chocolate Shop


ChoccyWoccyDooDaa in Carnaby Street


The Wallace Collection


Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland


Brunch at Edwins


Brunch at Edwins


Borough Market


Borough Market


Ice rink at Natural History Museum


Ice rink at Natural History Museum

IMG_1255 IMG_1257   IMG_1364

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Markets

As the winter weather finally settles in the UK, so does the premature excitement of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and it doesn’t take long for me to get swept up in all the excitement of buying gifts, watching cheesy ‘feel good’ movies and purchasing copious amounts of fur trimmed accessories and chunky knits just so I can look the part.

Last week the annual Frankfurt Christmas markets opened in Birmingham (UK), the markets have been an annual event in Birmingham for 14 years (which is almost half of my life) so for me this officially marked the start of the festive season.  This years markets felt like a long time coming especially as I was away on my honeymoon last year and actually missed visiting the markets for about 5 minutes (yes only 5 minutes).

So off we went to visit the markets and immerse ourselves in festive spirit.





image2 (1)

The festive door in the creperie stand




Our favourite Bratwurst stand, these hot dogs are amazing although we weren’t too impressed with the price at £4.50 each.




Et Voila (or whatever the equivalent is in German). Hand modelled perfectly by the husband!




Beautiful glass tree decorations stall.



image1 (1)

Freshy made Bannoffee crepe










A few recent purchases

The past few weeks have been long and busy, as a result I’ve found myself mastering the art of retail therapy on numerous occasions, purely for therapy of course.  I’ve recently become so reliant on online shopping I forgot how enjoyable physically going shopping can be, provided you make a purchase and don’t frustratingly walk around stores hoping to see something you like. Now that Autumn is round the corner, it’s great to see fur, thick jumpers, tights and boots, don’t get me wrong I love the sun but there’s something really exciting about Autumnal fashion.  I’ve also found myself running out of make-up, this is a novelty for me because I am a self-confessed make-up hoarder.

I have a penchant for collecting Autumnal jumpers, when I saw this one in-store I was drawn to it’s floral print, casual tailoring and soft material instantly, furthermore I happened to stumble into a Mango store on a 30% off shopping event – bonus.  I shall pair this little beauty with dark jeans and brown boots.

I am a huge fan of NARS blushers, I picked this exclusive product in the US over the summer and was delighted when I re-discovered it in the bottom of my make up bag – you can wear whichever colour suits the occasion or blend them all to create a dewy pop of colour on the cheeks.

This was a cheeky purchase I made for ‘therapy’ purposes of course.  The colour is incredible, however, the lip pencil does make your lips to dry out even after applying copious amounts of gloss, however, the colour does last all day – I guess you win some you lose some.


Ich bin eine Berlin

I had the pleasure of spending 4 nights in Berlin a few weeks ago for a short late summer break with my husband.  It was a city we’d read loads about but seemed to be incredibly under-rated.  After making a long list of things we both wanted to see, eat and visit we packed our bags and boarded our German Wings plane.

The city has loads to offer and is full of independent shops, heaps of restaurants, 100’s of world-class museums and art galleries, a stunning parliament building, home to one of Europe’s biggest parks and has an incredibly efficient public transport system.  Of course Berlin’s colourful history cannot go unmentioned, especially as it seems to have acted as a huge catalyst to make it what it is today.

Our 4 days were jam-packed, we covered a huge amount and unfortunately came back to our quaint little apartment each evening with aching feet.  In the evenings we explored the cities huge variety of culinary delights and one evening found ourselves at ‘Street Food Thursday’, located in a huge warehouse with over 50 different food stalls offering anything and everything, we opted for German beer and Japanese noodles which were delicious.  Berlin also has a great cafe culture and generally most restaurants have outdoor seating, there’s something so charming about eating Al Fresco.

The city is hugely creative, we saw lots of street art, pop up shops, musicians and artist’s especially near the East Side Gallery, a stretch of the Berlin wall which has been preserved for artists all over the world to use as a public canvas.  As with many cities Berlin is split up into areas which have their own individual feel, it also has a few world-renowned Universities which means there is quite a young population adding to Berlin’s buzz.

Take a look at some highlights from the trip.


The National Gallery, Museum Island


Street Art


Door Graffiti


East Side Gallery – An area of the Berlin wall where artists around the world have been invited to use the wall as a public canvas.


A room for contemplation at the Jewish Museum


Jewish Memorial


Padlocks on the East Side Gallery







Having been away from blogging for over a year now, I realised how much I missed it, there’s definitely something very therapeutic about writing, especially when it’s about the things you love.

The past year has been an absolute whirlwind for me, hence taking a break from blogging.  I got married, travelled the world, commuted a silly distance for work (2.5hrs each way to be precise) and started thinking a little bit more seriously about life, I think that’s what marriage does to you (or so I’ve heard).

Take a look at my year in photos.


Me in Hong Kong

Me in Hong Kong


My Wedding


Wedding Ganesh

New Zealand

New Zealand

Lomani Resort, Fiji

Lomani Resort, Fiji

Open road somewhere across America

Open road somewhere across America