Jaipur and Pondicherry, India

One of the many perks of being Indian means that over the course of the year you get invited to a fair few weddings and engagement parties.  For me it also meant that this year I got to see one of my closest friends get married in Jaipur, India.  Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and famously known as the ‘Pink City’.   It’s landscape is full of vibrant temples and grand palaces where Maharajas once ruled.  It’s opulence and grand hospitality was the perfect backdrop to what was definitely the wedding of the year.


Rambagh Palace, Jaipur


Rambagh Palace, Jaipur


Wedding ceremony


Wedding stage


Wedding entrance


Wedding dinner buffet


The groom


The wonderful grooms turban


The beautiful bride

After the wedding, we thought we’d extend our stay in India (as you do) by discovering a Southern city called Pondicherry.  The city locally known as ‘Pondi’ has been ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and more recently by the French who have all influenced the city over the years.  The city is completely different to Northern areas of India, the chilled out atmosphere, colonial buildings, boutique shopping, beach promenade and incredible seafood made it the perfect city to unwind in.  There were hidden boutiques and restaurants off the beaten track, locals were incredibly friendly and with many yoga teachers in the area the chilled out vibe really helped make Pondicherry a gem in India’s Southern Coast.


View from Hotel reception


Our beautiful room keys


Ganesh temple


Ganesh temple


School children at Pondicherry museum


Pondicherry life


Colonial buildings


Church in Pondicherry


Grand hotel entrance doors


The Promenade


Our transport


A chilled out rickshaw driver



Ich bin eine Berlin

I had the pleasure of spending 4 nights in Berlin a few weeks ago for a short late summer break with my husband.  It was a city we’d read loads about but seemed to be incredibly under-rated.  After making a long list of things we both wanted to see, eat and visit we packed our bags and boarded our German Wings plane.

The city has loads to offer and is full of independent shops, heaps of restaurants, 100’s of world-class museums and art galleries, a stunning parliament building, home to one of Europe’s biggest parks and has an incredibly efficient public transport system.  Of course Berlin’s colourful history cannot go unmentioned, especially as it seems to have acted as a huge catalyst to make it what it is today.

Our 4 days were jam-packed, we covered a huge amount and unfortunately came back to our quaint little apartment each evening with aching feet.  In the evenings we explored the cities huge variety of culinary delights and one evening found ourselves at ‘Street Food Thursday’, located in a huge warehouse with over 50 different food stalls offering anything and everything, we opted for German beer and Japanese noodles which were delicious.  Berlin also has a great cafe culture and generally most restaurants have outdoor seating, there’s something so charming about eating Al Fresco.

The city is hugely creative, we saw lots of street art, pop up shops, musicians and artist’s especially near the East Side Gallery, a stretch of the Berlin wall which has been preserved for artists all over the world to use as a public canvas.  As with many cities Berlin is split up into areas which have their own individual feel, it also has a few world-renowned Universities which means there is quite a young population adding to Berlin’s buzz.

Take a look at some highlights from the trip.


The National Gallery, Museum Island


Street Art


Door Graffiti


East Side Gallery – An area of the Berlin wall where artists around the world have been invited to use the wall as a public canvas.


A room for contemplation at the Jewish Museum


Jewish Memorial


Padlocks on the East Side Gallery







Having been away from blogging for over a year now, I realised how much I missed it, there’s definitely something very therapeutic about writing, especially when it’s about the things you love.

The past year has been an absolute whirlwind for me, hence taking a break from blogging.  I got married, travelled the world, commuted a silly distance for work (2.5hrs each way to be precise) and started thinking a little bit more seriously about life, I think that’s what marriage does to you (or so I’ve heard).

Take a look at my year in photos.


Me in Hong Kong

Me in Hong Kong


My Wedding


Wedding Ganesh

New Zealand

New Zealand

Lomani Resort, Fiji

Lomani Resort, Fiji

Open road somewhere across America

Open road somewhere across America