A Quick Charlotte Tillbury Discovery

A few months ago I decided that I was in need of some retail therapy and found myself browsing the make-up counters of Selfridges.  I love makeup but I am also incredibly loyal to the brands that I have used for years, which in turn means that I don’t explore different brands as much as I should.  I was drawn to the Charlotte Tilbury counter mainly because the counter was big, round and shiny – you’d never knew I worked in marketing!

After exploring different shades of lipstick, bronzers and blushers, I was approached by an eager assistant who couldn’t wait to show me the Brow Lift pencil.  Having never been a huge fan of eyebrow makeup I have to admit I was really impressed.  – the pencil tip has an angle that makes application easy (even for beginners like me) and comes with a brush and shade tool.  My eyebrows have never looked so good.  Seriously, its perfect and creates such a difference.

pp_eyebrow_lft_brooke_main pp_eyebrow_lift_brooke_alt_1_middle



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