2015 for me

Having finished my first week of work in January 2015, Christmas now feels like a distant memory.  So far 2015 has been good, my second Monday hasn’t been bad at all even if it is cold, wet and gloomy outside. In an attempt to make the most out of this year I wanted to set myself some achievable objectives.  I have purposely not used the word ‘resolutions’ here, I think it’s completely over-rated and most of the time a resolution just sets you up for a fall.

I decided to compile a list of behaviours I wish to continue and achieve for this year, so even if I manage to tick off 3 on this list then I’ll be a happy bunny come NYE 2016.

  • Continue my morning gym workouts – for the past 6 months I switched my evening gym routine to early morning gym classes.  This has been quite a change for me especially as I am far from being a morning person and tend to value my sleep much more than the average person.  The thought of getting up early to exercise used to fill me with dread, however, it feels great to drive to work post exercise and means that I have my evenings free.
  • Watch at least another box set – last year I watched Breaking Bad and loved it, so after suffering withdrawal symptoms am now hooked on The Sopranos.  I don’t really watch TV and so box sets are a perfect escapism for me in the evening (especially if i keep up with my morning gym routine).
  • Try new recipe’s  after getting married I think my inner housewife came into fruition and I started exploring different recipes and foods, so every month I aim to try or master a new dish.  If successful, I shall blog about my creations.
  • Keep blogging – I know this seems kind of obvious but I do want to keep up blogging regularly which at times can be tricky.
  • Curb my impulse purchases   I’m a sucker for impulse buying whether it be for food, clothes, make-up or bags (the list can go on and on), in a pledge to save more and be more grown up about spending I would love to curb my impromptu spending, notice the use of the word ‘curb’ and not ‘stop’!
  • Drink more water Again another obvious one but something I should be doing more of considering that water keeps you slim, improves skin and hair, makes you feel so much better off and is of course essential.





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