Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Markets

As the winter weather finally settles in the UK, so does the premature excitement of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and it doesn’t take long for me to get swept up in all the excitement of buying gifts, watching cheesy ‘feel good’ movies and purchasing copious amounts of fur trimmed accessories and chunky knits just so I can look the part.

Last week the annual Frankfurt Christmas markets opened in Birmingham (UK), the markets have been an annual event in Birmingham for 14 years (which is almost half of my life) so for me this officially marked the start of the festive season.  This years markets felt like a long time coming especially as I was away on my honeymoon last year and actually missed visiting the markets for about 5 minutes (yes only 5 minutes).

So off we went to visit the markets and immerse ourselves in festive spirit.





image2 (1)

The festive door in the creperie stand




Our favourite Bratwurst stand, these hot dogs are amazing although we weren’t too impressed with the price at £4.50 each.




Et Voila (or whatever the equivalent is in German). Hand modelled perfectly by the husband!




Beautiful glass tree decorations stall.



image1 (1)

Freshy made Bannoffee crepe











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